Texts are a core part of any Jewish Studies or Jewish Life curriculum. If you are teaching one of these subjects, Sephardic authors such as Judah HaLevi, RaMbaM and Ibn Ezra are likely already referenced. However, taking the time to dive into the historical context behind their writings can expose your students to the rich ideas of Sephardi/Mizrachi societies.

This website offers shiurim and resources filled with sources that can help add perspective and depth to your Jewish Studies or Jewish life curriculum. Through Sefaria, you can also access many of these sources for free with connected commentaries, as well as review source sheets from Sephardi educators such as Hakham Haim Ovadia of SephardicU.

A Jewish educator should also be able to take the conversation beyond minhag (customs) and rice-on-Pesach to deepen discussions on chaggim and key mitzvot.

Take a look at this unique lesson plan for Shavuot, together with background on how to weave in the traditions and history of the Jewish community of India with the key mitzvah of Hachnasat Orchim.